Appointment with the theater of Eduardo De Filippo on Friday 16 February 2018 at the Politeama Boglione theater in Bra. On stage, at the 21, the comedy "These ghosts!" Signed by Marco Tullio Giordana, an award-winning director for cinematographic works loved by the general public and appreciated by critics as "The Hundred Steps" and "The Best of Youth". The pièce therefore boasts a "precious and careful" direction as underlined by Carolina Rosi, also a daughter of art, who today leads the company Elledieffe of the late Luca De Filippo, her life partner and stage stage, as well as the son of the great Eduardo . An important production of "These ghosts" that shows the constant work of the company committed to represent and protect with affection, dedication and quality, the cultural heritage of one of the oldest families of the Italian theatrical tradition.

"These ghosts!", Written by Eduardo De Filippo in 1945, tells the economic and sentimental vicissitudes of Pasquale Lojacono, struggling with a new home and a (supposedly) strangely generous ghost. On stage Gianfelice Imparato, appreciated interpreter of the texts of De Filippo, here in the role of Pasquale Lojacono, flanked by Carolina Rosi (Maria, his wife) and by Nicola Di Pinto (Raffaele, goalkeeper), Massimo De Matteo (Alfredo Marigliano), Giovanni Allocca (Gastone Califano), Paola Fulciniti (Armida), Gianni Cannavacciuolo, and the very young Andrea Cioffi and Viola Forestiero. The scenography and the lights are by Gianni Carluccio, the costumes by Francesca Livia Sartori, the music by Andrea Farri.

"Eduardo is one of our great monuments of the '900 - said the director Marco Tullio Giordana commenting on the work done with the company Elledieffe- is known and represented, along with Pirandello, in theaters around the world. Size that has not faded over time. The relevance of these ghosts! it is even disconcerting for me. It emerges from the text not only the great and miserable Naples of the post-war period, the grame life, the liberating / dominating presence of the Allies, but also a feeling that I find intact at this time, a pain that has never left the city and its countermelody joyful. The type embodied by Pasquale Lojacono - replicated in the figures of Alfredo, Gastone, the goalkeeper Raffaele - with his inconclusiveness, the art of getting along, the moral ease, opportunism, naive dreams and meanness, is not very different from the compatriots of today. Eduardo's greatness lies in not standing up to judge, in not feeling better than him or them. It does not condemn or absolve, it simply represents that world without discounts and without irritation. His gaze does not fear compassion, rejects the rigidity of the moralist ".

"These ghosts!" Begins at 21, with a box office opening at 20. Tickets are on sale in the theater on Friday from 15 to 19 in Piazza Carlo Alberto (20 whole euro, reduced to 18 for minors of 26 years and who has more than 65 years), on the website and in points affiliated sales. Next meeting on the Politeama stage will be Sunday 4 March 2018 with "The imaginary ill" by Molière directed by Ugo Chiti. More information on or by calling the 0172.430185. (it's at)

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