It's an agile, amusing and scathing comedy the next round of the theater season of Politeama Boglione of Bra: Friday 9 February, a few days before the national premiere, under the Zizzola will be staged "God Pluto", by and with Jurij Ferrini, rework in an allegorical key that offers hilarious insights on the economic situation of our country, the continent and the entire planet.

The title of this rewrite of the famous work of Aristophanes is named after the Greek god of wealth, Pluto, and is focused on the unequal distribution of money today, as evidently 2.400 years ago when it was composed.

The protagonists are two Athenian citizens: Cremilo and his "handyman" Carione go to Delphi to ask the famous oracle if it will be good to educate his son to honesty, with the risk of becoming impoverished, or to direct him to dishonesty to make it become rich. The oracle forces Cremilo to follow the first person he meets when he leaves the temple. When Cremilo and Carione go out, they meet a blind beggar ... and they soon discover that it is Pluto, the god of wealth. Convinced that the unequal distribution of wealth derives from the blindness of the god, Cremilo then offers to give back his sight, so that Pluto can distinguish between honest and dishonest and reward only the first. Poverty in person tries to dissuade them from their intentions, warning them that wealth should not be distributed equitably because it is precisely the necessity, in fact, that pushes men to work and commit themselves, while from the rich they become soft and lazy. Cremilo and Carione, however, do not intend to listen to it and manage to restore sight to Pluto thanks to the miraculous intervention of an unlikely doctor-saint. The consequences will overturn the world without solving the problem in the slightest.

"Dio Pluto" starts at 21, with opening box office at 20. Tickets are on sale in the theater on Friday from 15 to 19 in Piazza Carlo Alberto (20 whole euro, reduced to 18 for minors of 26 years and who has more than 65 years), on the website and in points affiliated sales. Next meeting on the Politeama stage will be on Friday 16 February with "These ghosts!", An Edwardian masterpiece brought on stage by Carolina Rosi and directed by Marco Tullio Giordana. More information on or by calling the 0172.430185. (Em)

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