Inspired by the world of puppets and the characters of the Commedia dell'arte animated reading scheduled in the calendar of Nati to read Monday 12 February 2018, at 17, the library of Bra "Giovanni Arpino". The association "Micromundi" will tell the little readers the story "Sbalagush, soup for wood heads".

The following week, the animated reading in the calendar is called "Find and discover art in everyday objects": the Respiro association offers stories that arise from small things. All Nati's reading meetings are aimed at children aged 3 and 6 years and are free admission (at 17), by reservation at the 0172.413049 number or by e-mail: "Born to Read - Piedmont" is promoted by the Piedmont Region and realized with the contribution of the Society of Sao Paulo and Bra Cassa di Risparmio Foundation.

Info: City of Bra - Civic Library "Giovanni Arpino"
tel. 0172.413049 -