They will be the students of three schools of Bra - the "Giolitti - Gandino" Lyceum, the graphic and communication address of IPS "Mucci" and the CNOS-FAP of Bra - to promote the participation in civic crowdfunding "Ben- fare and Ben-essere "(, an innovative project of shared financing for the creation of ideas with a high social impact, favoring the most disadvantaged sections of citizenship. To announce it, the students themselves who, this afternoon (Wednesday 31 January 2018) presented in a conference at the Town Hall the funding platform and the initiatives that in the coming months will put in place for its promotion and communication, within the alternation between school and work.

"The project has inspired us both from the ethical and social point of view, above all for its participatory dimension and for the non-assistance approach, but aimed at finding solutions that last over time", explained during the presentation weeks they held training sessions with the municipal administration, with developers of shared financing platforms and with the managers of the three identified projects.

Projects, as explained by the commissioner for social policies Gianni Fogliato, "were chosen as a result of a comparison between the Municipality, Caritas and the Volunteering Council, all reflecting the main fragilities that are currently emerging from our territory": "Donate a Spend", an initiative of the diocesan Caritas presented by Don Gilberto Garrone, who in 2017 provided food aid with basic necessities to 420 families of Bra; "Neighborhoods in movement", which involves the areas of Oltreferrovia and Bescurone, promoting the protagonism of resident citizens, especially the younger ones; "Social Garden", a project chosen by the Consulta and coordinated by the PiedixTerra Association which seeks to stem the discomfort through educational initiatives and the assignment of an organic vegetable garden to be cared for.

Projects in which the promoters strongly believe and for which they have already allocated financial coverage and which now, with the help of the schools involved and the participation of the citizens, will grow, become a virtuous engine of change and create a real benefit for all the community. In particular, the students of the "Giolitti-Gandino" Lyceum will take care of the narrative part, reaching the citizenship on the main social networks and on the online funding platform, as well as with a promotional and informative video .

To reach everyone, even those who have less confidence with the means of information technology, the students of the Cnos-Fap will take care of it, who will realize the "physical" pick-ups in different parts of the city. The first prototype was presented today by the students of the Vocational Training Center: it is a functional cylinder in steel and plastic, laser-cut.

The graphic layout of the bussolotti - but also of posters and postcards that will be distributed in the city - will be carried out by the classes of the graphic and communication address of the IPS "Mucci", which will take care of all the visual communication of the project.

"You just have to participate and donate!", As the students of Braido commented nicely. The civic crowdfunding platform "Well-doing and well-being of a community" is a project of the Municipality of Bra in collaboration with the neighborhood Committees, organized associations and the third sector. For more information, visit the portal or write to the e-mail address (Em)

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