The process of deepening and promoting the issues related to the sustainable mobility of the Municipal Council of the Boys of Bra continues, which since the beginning of the year has already met twice to organize the next actions to be undertaken in the city on the topic, chosen as strand for the activity of the two-year period. In particular, with the support of the managing director Nino Cornaglia, of the collaborator of the Erica cooperative Matteo Monge and of the appointed professors, the 35 members of the JRC started shooting the promotional video to explain, in an immediate and amusing way, the advantages of moving in a "green" way. The film, entirely designed and interpreted by the youngsters, will narrate mobility through the more or less sustainable modes used by students and families to reach the school every morning, those on foot, those on bicycles and those in cars. The video will also be disseminated in the city's schools, where the councilors in the coming months will be protagonists of thematic meetings divided into classes, during which they will share - through theatrical animations, games and graphic material - the value of sustainable mobility and the importance of environmental behaviors more aware, correct and responsible. (Em)

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