Update of the program: unlike what previously communicated, the solemn mass with the Municipal Police Corps for San Sebastiano will be celebrated on Friday 19 January 2018 at 18 in the Salesian church in viale Rimembranze, 19.

Bra praises San Sebastiano, a city patron and a patron saint of the Local Police, with a series of events under the Zizzola. Friday 19 January 2018, at the 18 in the Church of the Salesians, the holy mass will be celebrated in the presence of the Administrators and of the agents of Braida. The program of events continues on Saturday 20, the day when the Saint is remembered: starting from the 17 in the Choir of the Church of Santa Chiara a piano concert will be held by Maestro Alessandro Varlotta, with free admission until places are exhausted.

Tuesday 23 January, at 17 in the Local Police Command in via Moffa of Lisio 24, the annual press conference will be held, an opportunity to take stock of the results of the activities carried out during the 2017 in the city by the Body Agents. (Em)

Info: City of Bra - Municipal Police

tel. 0172.413744 - poliziamunicipale@comune.bra.cn.it