The one just ended was a record year for the "Giovanni Arpino" Municipal Library of Bra. In fact, in the 2017, the number of loans has exceeded the number of residents in the city: it is as if, on average, every person from Brasilia has borrowed at least one book from the library. Bra confirms itself as a "city that reads" with a total of 32832 books "left" from the shelves of Via Guala in front of a population of 29673 inhabitants.

Numbers in hand, to make the lion's share young readers are: 12606 output sheets were signed in the boys room, 6850 in the Sala adults while 17600 loans are generally aimed at students of primary and primary schools in the city.

Ben 12778 loans were made in the kindergarten and elementary schools of the II Teaching Circle, as part of the decentralized loan project in schools, 143 through the project to promote reading "Nati per Leggere" in schools, pediatric studies, vaccination room and 455 volumes were distributed in the departments of the Santo Spirito Hospital and the Emergency Room, as well as the Clinica Città di Bra, Residenza Mario Francone and the Redancia Community of Sanfrè. Also this year bookcrossing continued, which encouraged the exchange of books in bars and public places in the city and at the Zizzola.

The Library of Bra "invests" on young readers: 231 classes of preschools and primary schools were welcomed to visit and to make books for a total of 4825 pupils. In 62 occasions there was a reading aloud by the librarians, while 38 reading laboratories were proposed within the "Mondays in Library" for a total of 917 children who participated in the project "Nati per Leggere" ; 11 analogous laboratories involved small from 9 to 36 months with 81 participants in "Bibliobebè". Also during the "Children's Book Fair" 22 were offered reading activities while the boys' room welcomed the exhibition "Il cammino dei diritti" by Andrea Rivolta. Nine animated intercultural lectures in collaboration with the city schools and the association "From zero to Cento" which also helped to continue the animated readings in the summer, for 6 Thursday morning, while between June and July there were other 8 reading meetings and creative activities with the association "Mothers' voices".

Over the past year, the Civic Library, which in March saw the dedication to memory of the writer "Giovanni Arpino" and the restyling of the adult room, remained open for 264 days (1751 hours) and the month in which The highest number of loans registered was August. Throughout the year there have been several activities of the project "A year with Giovanni Arpino" that celebrated the ninety years since the birth and thirty since the death of the writer from Braid, also with a study conference, in December, while during the year several authors have been hosted to present essays and novels: from the writers Silvia Tesio, Giuseppe Culicchia and Fabio Geda (in collaboration with Da Zero a Cento), to the "local feathers" Cristina Vicino, Salvatore Gargiulo, Gabriele Proglio.

There were also moments of study and discussion on reading and publishing for librarians, parents and teachers, while in October a prestigious audience of guests took part in the conference "The evolution of language and the variety of cultural channels. The journalist, witness of the changes ", coinciding with the award ceremony of the exlibristic contest" Il bosco stregato ". From this year, the library also offers users, from week to week, a "thematic bookshelf" with suggestions for reading: after the selection dedicated to the genre horror and thriller, in mid-January some titles will be presented on the "Memory Day" that reminds the victims of the Holocaust. Soon the results of the ideas competition launched to create a new logo that characterizes the structure will also be announced.

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