He was circulating aboard his Volvo V50 without having submitted it to the prescribed revision when he stumbled into the electronic eye "Targa System" of the Bra Municipal Police patrol. The motorist, a forty year old from Brabant, also turned out to be without a license, revoked in the 2012 by the Prefecture. Moreover, from the verification of the agents, it emerged that the man had already been sanctioned a few months ago by the military of the Carabinieri Station of Cherasco for the same violation. Having repeated the same offense during the course of the year, the recidivism with relative referral in a state of freedom to the Public Prosecutor of Asti for the driving offense with revoked license was taken. Moreover, since it is a relapse, the vehicle has been subjected to administrative seizure and, at the end of the criminal proceedings, it will be confiscated. The driver was also sanctioned as he was traveling with the vehicle already suspended from circulation by the same military for the lack of mandatory revision. The checks will continue in the coming days. (Municipal Police Bra)

Info: City of Bra - Municipal Police

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