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From December X to December, Bra will also be able to apply for the Rei (Inclusion Income), a new national measure of universal poverty alleviation, which provides for economic benefits for families in difficulty.

The Rei, intended for families with an Isee up to Euro 6.000, is intended to provide two types of support: an economic benefit, paid monthly through an electronic payment card, and a personalized project of social activation and inclusion, aimed at overcoming the state of poverty. Families in which a child, or a disabled person, a pregnant woman or a component with more than 55 years is present at the time of application and for the duration of the benefit is granted. specific unemployment requirements. Among the prerogatives required, residence in Italy for at least two years, or Italian or Community citizenship, the right to international protection or the holder of an EC residence permit. In order to access the REI, it is also necessary that each household member does not already receive employment benefits (HSTs) or other social support income tax cuts in the event of involuntary unemployment and does not own vehicles registered for the first time in the 24 months prior to the request or boats.

The application can be submitted to the Isee Office of the City of Bra on the appropriate template prepared by INPS and published on the web site in the section "Social / REI" of the heading "Services and Procedures", with photocopy of the identity document and ISEE attestation under full DSU validity. Applications will be evaluated in chronological order, based on the submission date starting on 1 ° December 2017. Inclusion Income (REI) will be disbursed from January 1 2018.

Rei will replace Sia, Inclusion Support Active. Who, on December 1, 2017, is still receiving Support for Active Inclusion, will be able to immediately submit a request to Rei or decide to submit it at the end of the Sama perception.

For information, you can contact the Asl Cn2 Social Services Office in the City of Bra (Personal Services Department, 18 Liberty Squads - Ground Floor) on Monday (9-12) and Wednesday (9-11 ) or call for an appointment at the following telephone numbers: 0172.438153 - 0172.420711- 320.4654644. The application form, notice and all details of Inclusion Income are posted on the Institutional site of the Bra Municipality, under the heading "Services and Procedures / Social / REI". (Em)

Info: Bra City - Departmental Services Department

tel. 0172.438153


  • 4 X March 2018 elections

    You vote for the parliamentary elections (Camera and Senate) on Sunday 4 March 2018. All information useful to voters is published in the section Services and Procedures / Electoral / Political elections 4 March 2018. For info (and also for requests of voters residing abroad - within 31 January 2018) you can contact the Electoral Office at 0172.438287 For the presentation of candidacies, the electoral office of the Municipality of Bra will observe opening hours extended at the end of January. On Thursday 25 the office will be opened from 8,30 to 12,45 and 15 to 16, Friday 26 from 8,30 to 12,45 and 14 to 17, Saturday 27 from 9 to 12 and 14 to 17 Extraordinary opening on Sunday 28 and Monday 29 January 2018 (scheduled for submission of applications), from 8 to 20.

  • Latest news

    Direct line with the municipal building.  

  • Asian stickers: what to do?

    In the fall, temperature drops and the end of vegetative cycles of crops cause some species of insects to seek shelter in their homes. Among them, the bugs: not only the green ones, but also - for some years - the brown ones. It is a new species of Asian origin called Halyomorpha halys, very harmful to fruit crops, cereals and horticulture. In this document the guidelines of the Agrion Foundation and of the Piedmont Phytosanitary Sector for proper management of the phenomenon.

  • Medal-memory for the fallen in the First World War

    The Bra Commune with the Alps Group of Bra, in adherence to a project of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, has made commemorative medals of the wounded braids during the First World War. A part of the medals (beyond 200) have already been delivered to the fallen family. If you have not yet retired, you can contact the Press Office and Public Relations of Bra City, at number 0172 / 438278.In this file the list of wounded braids for which the medal-memory was made and here is visible the photo gallery of the delivery ceremony.

  • 2017 nursery bonus: information for newcomers

    For families who apply Bonus Nursery 2017, supplied by INPS, the Asylum communal nest of Bra (the headquarters in Via Caduti del Lavoro), releases of insertion statements in the child's ranking required to submit questions for children who still do not attend the nest. For info and inquiries . Please note that bonus applications can be submitted by accessing the on-line telematic services; by calling the inbound 803 164 (free fixed line) or 06 164 164 mobile number; by contacting Patronati or other authorized intermediaries.

  • BDAP - Public Administration Data Bank: part of job part

    It is possible to access the information that our Municipality has sent to the BDAP (Ministry of Economy and Finance Ministry of Public Accounts) under the dlgs 229 / 2011 and in accordance with the terms of DM 26 / 02 / 2013. Below is the Bra Commune link to access the BDAP: Municipality of Bra / BDAP .      

  • ZTL historical center: access modules

    They are about to start using the cameras of access to the Ztl of the Old Town. Residents, car park holders, workers and other persons who, according to the relevant order, may access the area, must report to the municipal police the data of their vehicles. Forms to request access.

  • Obligation to clean ditches and private roads

    A municipal ordinance requires the cleaning of ditches and private roads to the owners of buildings and lands overlooking prosperous municipal or neighboring roads. The reason: to prevent stagnation of water on the road and regular runoff. The sanction can reach up to EUR 500. The news.