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Violent clash last night in via Don Orione, near the junction of the ring road Bra - Roreto. Shortly after the 18 bumped Alfa Romeo 147 led by a 60-year-old Monchiero and Opel Meriva led by a forty-year-old braid. Following the clash, the two cars went almost completely destroyed. Fortunately drivers did not have serious consequences: the 147 driver was judged to be recoverable in a week while 3 weeks would be needed for the Meriva driver.

There are two immediate police intervention patrols of the Municipal Police Department in Bra on the spot to carry out surveys, ascertain the responsibilities and regulate the viability. The agents also withdrew the driver's license for the 147 driver as positive to the alcohol test, with a rate higher than 0.50 grams per liter (but less than 0.80 grams per liter): in addition to the retrieval of the driving document, the driver has been notified of the violation provided by the Road Code and the vehicle has been suspended for 180 days. Traffic in the area has undergone strong slowdowns for about two hours. (Municipal police).

Info: City of Bra - Municipal Police

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