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The third edition of "Adopt a jewel of your city" is launching the third edition of the Cultural, Historical and Artistic Heritage of the City of Bra, which will allow you to extend the public opening, with free guided tours of some sites of interest. With the support of the Municipality of Bra, forty of the students of the tourist course of the "Guala" Institute of Commerce Bra will, until May, "Cicero" to visitors of two buildings symbol of the artistic heritage of the Baroque in Bra: church of Santa Chiara and that of the Holy Trinity also known as Brotherhood of the White Battles. The students will also present the monuments in foreign languages ​​(English, French and German). The classes involved this year, with the coordination of Professor Marcella Brizio, are the fourth and fourth tiers: the pupils, more than twice the ones involved in the past edition, have followed a specific training course. In the church of Santa Chiara will be present on Saturdays from 15 to 18; in the Brotherhood of the White Battles on Saturdays and Sundays, from 15 to 18.

Info: City of Bra - Tourist Office and events

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