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Continue the task of controlling the jurisdiction territory established by the Command of the Municipal Police of Bra. Agents in recent days have carried out targeted road traffic controls to prevent and repress the most serious violations of the Road Code: only in the last week, thanks to the Targa System, over 900 vehicles have been verified, including 7 were under administrative confiscation for the lack of compulsory insurance while other 22s were circulating without being subject to the prescribed periodic revision. Other penalties have been imposed on motorists for the use of the mobile phone as a guide, for the use of seat belts and child restraints, and for the failure to comply with road signs.

Some services have also been carried out by the agents in the commercial field: in particular, the caretakers carrying out the business of traveling by car and vans were inspected. In this case, those who did not comply with the current municipal regulation in force. (it's at)

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