They are open until January 15 for the submission of applications for access to study grant entitlements to Piedmont students.

Student families, enrolled in governmental or parity schools or training agencies accredited for training, who reside in Piedmont and who are in possession of the required requirements may apply for the "Study Grants" voucher or the "Textbooks" contribution for all '2016 / 17 school year. The "Study Grants" voucher can be applied for enrollment and attendance (school tuition) or, alternatively, for textbooks, teaching material and functional equipment for education, transportation and supplementary activities (included in Pof). An Isee is required up to a maximum of 26 thousand Euros.

The "Textbooks" state subsidy for compulsory textbooks for the 2016 / 17 school year may be submitted by the parent or legal representative of students resident in Piedmont attending the AIS. 2016-2017 is the second and third grade secondary school and vocational training courses organized by training agencies accredited for compulsory education, with Isee no higher than 10.632,94 euro (Isee year 2016). In order to document the costs incurred, you must have invoices, receipts, receipts (proof of payment) that must be kept for at least 5 years from the date of the application. Adult students who have the required requirements to apply for contributions and who are in possession of Iban by their head can directly submit the application. Applications can only be submitted online
You must have valid credentials from Piedmont or Turin Easy to access the service. If you do not have credentials (login, password, and PIN), you must contact one of the enabled desks listed on the site. The credentials for submitting the application via Piedmont System obtained for previous calls are still valid. Residents in the Municipality of Bra without credentials can contact the branches of Socioscolastica Department - Caduta Libertà, 18 - Monday through Friday from 8,30 hours at 12,45 / Tuesday and Thursday from 15,00 to 16,00 (Phone 0172.438238 ). For information, the Pemonte Region 800 333 444 (from Monday to Friday 9-19) is active. Further information can also be found on the site in the School / Study Right section.

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