Bra's Peace School Meetings are back in the 2015-2016 calendar, and they will propose a series of insights linked by a single thread: "Hymn to Diversity". The first appointment is scheduled for Thursday 17 December 2015 at 21 at the cultural center "Arpino" in via Guala 45, where will be screened the film documentary on poverty in Turin "People of the baths", directed by Stefania Bona and Francesca Scalisi.

Along with Stefania Bona, the musician and author of the soundtrack Matteo Castellano and the director of the Caritas of Turin Pierluigi Dovis, who will participate after the projection, we will embark on a journey in the increasingly growing poverty and in the increasingly crowded baths of one of our city.

"For us it is a necessity to represent the news and tell stories that are close to us - the two directors explain. The discovery of the last public bath in Turin, the city where one of us resides, has quickly led us to identify it as a privileged place to describe a world often invisible and uncomfortable but increasingly widespread, that of poverty and the crisis. It was important to give voice to this particular microcosm, able to reflect the outside world in a kaleidoscope of stories and universes and to subvert the "outside" stereotypes of the world by replacing the concept of state with that of the community. In this particular dimension where different cultures meet during one of the most intimate and private moments of man, the cleansing of his body, the washing becomes a metaphor of the act of purifying himself from labor and injustice, allowing the "people of baths" to rediscover being human. "

The entrance to the evening is free and open to everyone. For more information, please contact the Peace Office of the City of Bra at 0172.412283, or by email, at (Em)


Documentary film on poverty in Turin

Directed by: Stefania Bona - Francesca Scalisi (Italy 2015 - duration 59 'minutes)


Stefania Bona (director)

Matteo Castellano (Musician - Soundtrack Writer)

Pierluigi Dovis (Caritas Director - Turin)

info: City of Bra - Peace Office

Tel. 0172.412283 -