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Enrico Tallone is the new energy manager of Bra. Employee of the office building office, helicopter engineer was identified by the municipal council of the city of Zizzola to identify actions, interventions and procedures that promote the rational use of energy within the body, as well as to prepare budgets energy, in order to reduce both the cost and the environmental impact.

Town Hall

The energy manager will also continue the activities that the municipality has started for more than a decade for energy efficiency planning through refurbishment works on the building / plant system in municipal property, as well as precise controls, analysis and measures taken by municipal technicians in the sectors concerned. The job assignments are part of the Covenant of Mayors promoted by the European Union, to which Bra has joined in 2012 and subsequently led to the implementation of an efficiency program energy coherent with what is planned in the PAES, the sustainable energy action plan approved in the 2014. (Rg)