The premises of the building, located in Piazzetta Valfrè di Bonzo no. 2, can be granted for use in multiple associations, in a manner that provides fairly regular use and rotation of environments. The granting of spaces lasts up to 31 / 12 / 2018, except for withdrawal and withdrawal cases.

Grants, foundations and committees of districts or districts that are regularly constituted according to the Civil Code, apartheid, non-political and non-trade-related, may be applied for, whose purpose is of social, cultural and public interest.

Requests must be sent to the Bra Commune's Office of the Commune of Bra, in 14 Freedom Square - office hours (8.30 - 12.45 Monday to Friday, Tuesday and Thursday from 15 - 16), fax to 0172.44333, or via pec to the address

2019 fee: € 80,00

For information, please contact the Heritage Office, City Hall - Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8: 30-12: 45 - 0172 438239 -