Two cemetery areas in Bra are dismantled. Following the notices that were posted in recent months to the entrances of the cemeteries of Pollenzo and the urban area of ​​viale Rimembranze, relating to the dismantling of the common field in Pollenzo and the field C, from the Fila 1 to the Fila 5 in Bra, exhumations of the respective tombs will resume the 15 September 2013. The remains for which no one assumes the burden of different accommodation will be paid into the general ossuary or cremated and poured into the general cinerary.

Anyone interested in a different arrangement of the remains can apply for exhumation at their own expense within 21 September 2013, stamped by 16 euro to the registry office of the municipality of Bra, in Via Barbacana 6 (ground floor) from Monday to Friday from 8: 30 to 12: 45, Tuesday and Thursday from 15 to 16 and Saturday from 9 to 12. The requests received will be processed, by appointment, from the 24 September. For all the bodies for which, by September 21 no request will be received, we will proceed by the office.