Currently, the City of Bra has realized no. 119 lots: n. 9 in "Feathered 1", n. 44 in "Feathered 2", n. 35 (of which 14 minilots) in "Via Molineri" and no. 31 in "Pollenzo".

Citizens aged 18 and over who are resident, in Bra, for at least 2 years, at the date of submission of the relevant application. Assigned vegetables must be cultivated directly by the assignees, who will not be able to avail of paid labor for the cultivation of the land lot. Family members can also contribute to the management of the decoration. No more than one lot will be granted to each family, except where there are no lots in excess of the one allocated and only for a one-year non-tacit renewable period.
You will not be able to ask who is the owner or co-owner or usufructuary or tenant of cultivable land located in the territory of the Municipality of Bra and that of the Municipalities that are part of the District Socio Assistenziale n. 2 of the ASL Cn2, except in lots of cases over the number of applicants.

Each cultivated unit has a size of about 60 square meters. In Via Molineri 14 minilots were made from 30 square meters.
Use of gardens is governed by the "Discipline for the allocation and use of urban gardens", last modified with DGC 292 / 2016.
Assignees are required to comply with the land limits they have granted. The dealer in the area will not be able to carry out activities other than cultivation of fruit and vegetables (vegetables, small fruits and flowers) on the ground, with the prohibition of woody planting. In any case, the proceeds obtained may not be used for commercial or profit-making purposes, but will only be directed to the acquisition of products for their own use and the family environment.
The allocated garden must be cultivated directly by the Dealer, who will not be able to avail of paid labor for the cultivation of the land lot. They can contribute free of charge to the installation of the caravan in a manner not prevalent with respect to the Dealer, even his / her family members or other persons identified by it, but who are in possession of the above requirements.
The garden is not transferable or transmitted to third parties at all. The Dealer can in no way sublet the land entrusted to him.

With DGC no. 292 / 12 / 12 2016 the Municipal Council, having regard to the natural rotation, renewed the 31 / 12 / 2016 concessions until 31 / 12 / 2021, and therefore the conventions stipulated by that date will expire on 31.12.2021.
In the event that the municipality does not ban the new assignment procedures by that date, the concession will be extended by office until the 31 / 12 of the following year

Each Dealer shall, by January of each calendar year, correspond to the canon for the concession set by the Municipal Council, currently € 30,00. With the same deadlines the Concessionaire will support simultaneously and in advance management costs (water, electricity, grassing and periodic grass cutting in the internal streets and in the common green space) of the assigned lot, which, following the adjustment of management costs, are currently set in € 25,00 (8,00 for the Pollenzo area), except on the basis of the actual expenses incurred by the Municipal Administration, a higher amount of the written notice to be given to the assignors by December prior to the payment deadline.
For the minilotti, the Concessionaries will match half of the fee and management fees provided for the whole lot.
Upon an explicit request, it is possible to provide for payment of the payment in two installments of equal amount with a maturity end January and end of July of each year.

Summarizing for the year 2019 and subject to adjustment, the concessionaires must pay:
- for a whole lot in the areas of Piumati 1, Piumati 2 and Via Molineri € 55,00 (of € 25,00 for management expenses);
- for a minilot in Via Molineri: € 27,50 (of which € 12,50 for management expenses);
 for a lot in a phrase. Pollenzo € 38,00 (of which € 5,00 for green maintenance and € 3,00 for water, subject to adjustment if greater amount is required, from the enclosure folder for the irrigation land consolidation consortium).

The urban gardens of braids, as a result of the reallocation procedure referred to in managerial determination no. 109 / 2018, are all assigned.
Waiting for assignment there are no. 24 applicants.
In the case of urban gardens resulting from renunciation, revocation or revocation of previous concessions - if the Municipal Council does not provide otherwise (call for proposals, direct assignment to bodies or associations, etc.), reallocation will generally take place by 31 March of each year.

Information and forms can be obtained from the Patrimonio Office (tel. 0172 438239 - mail on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from h. 8.30 under h. 12.45.


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