The meetings of the Energina project were held in Bra, on the topic of rational use of energy. The students attended the third class of E, F eG sections of the "Piumati" media school and the I and M sections of the "Dalla Chiesa" media school. The project was aimed at raising the awareness of pupils and school workers on the topic of using energy and assessing the merits of the overall "energy quality" of the two school buildings involved. In conjunction with the training of pupils and school workers, energy data collection activities were carried out, with graphical processing of school buildings, inspection and contact with the buildings concerned, as well as the identification of improvement interventions with technical analysis -financial investment. The meetings took place in the framework of a project co-funded by the Bra-Alba Territorial Environmental Education Laboratory, Bra Municipality, Elyo Italia (the leading Italian energy services market) and managed by the Langhe Development Agency Monferrato Roero and the Ecologos Association of Turin. (Rg)