The 28-2005 courses will be closed on Wednesday, 2006 September, of the Civic Institute of Music "Adolfo Gandino" of Bra. In addition to the regular courses that follow the ministerial programs for State Conservatives, the program developed by the artistic coordinator Giuseppe Allione and his collaborators is able to satisfy every need.
The regular courses will be directed to the learning of various instruments such as harp, electric bass, drum and percussion, lyrical, modern and jazz singing, classical and rhythmic guitar, clarinet, harpsichord, composition, double bass, horn, accordion, flute, jazz improvisation, computer music, sacred music (liturgical organ), oboe, organ, piano, saxophone, keyboard, trumpet, trombone, purple, violin, cello. In addition, courses will be offered in complementary subjects such as theory and solfeggio, music culture (harmony), music history, Gandino's "Spiritual's Friends" choir, choral exercises, choir white voices, orchestral exercises, children's orchestra, chamber music, brass quintet , wind orchestra, complementary piano. Special programs have also been developed for the youngest, with an innovative path that will allow you to combine the learning of the seven notes with that of the English language. This is the course "Musical english for children", where music will be the element that will serve as a way to increase the knowledge of the foreign language. There are also courses for "Baby music" or "cradle music", reserved for children from zero to three years, who will follow the lessons all together and will be accompanied by a parent. The "Music Game" courses will differ by age, with two different routes for kindergarten and elementary school children. The "Music I Game" course is reserved for children between three and five years, while "Music II" is for boys over the age of six. Finally, the individual course of "Music Play with Instrumental Practice" will be reserved for participants from six to nine years.
Subscriptions are received at the Secretariat of the Gandino Institute via Parpera 16 from Monday to Friday from 10 to 12 and in the afternoon from 15 to 17. More information also in the posters that will be distributed these days in the city and on the website of the municipality at in the special section dedicated to Gandino. (it goes)