Civic Crowdfunding

He has the title "Odd and Even" on the occasion of Saturday, 18 June 2005, will open in bra on the youth universe and their participation in public life. Starting from 15, the Auditorium of the Brain Savings Bank in Via Principi di Piemonte, prominent members of the Abele Group of Turin will present their reports on topics that will measure the capabilities of modern societies to perpetuate the principles of democracy. The meeting will then open a wider debate involving the various actors directly in touch with the city's youthful universe and here will also naturally be located the official presentation of the "Bra Junior Manifesto", created by the group of children who participated in project of peer education, ie the project of contamination in juvenile participation by children to their peers. Following the traditional greetings of the authorities, Michele Gagaliardo will present the work and will present the contents of the Manifesto, followed by Franco Floris, director of the Abele Group's Social Animation Group, on "Young People and citizenship, rights to live. " School executives, parish priests, municipal administrators, law enforcement officers and business managers will then be confronted with a round table, led by Professor Marco Bertoluzzo of the Abele Group, who will try to outline, in its conclusions, perspectives and projects in favor of of young braids.
At the end of the work at 18 30, all at the "Drift Church" in via Brizio, for the official inauguration of the Youth Aggregation Center, the structure that will become an ever more authentic point of reference for young people in the city . At the ceremony will be the Mayor of Bra, Camillo Scimone, and the Councilor for Youth Policies, Roberto Russo. (Rg)