Civic Crowdfunding

He is the director of the Tourism Office and Manifesto Municipal, Giuseppe Manassero, the organizer of the Civic Teatro Politeama of Bra. It was decided by the City Council during its last session, which also identified the criteria for granting the facility. The organizational unit directed by Manassero had already followed in spring all the stages of the reopening of the theater, setting up a rich bill of events that spanned all kinds of entertainment and meeting that the new Politeama can offer, to propose an additional program of events and a forecast budget for the engagement of artists at the municipal executive.
In the same deliberation, the Junta has also established a specification that identifies the criteria for the use of the structure of Piazza Carlo Alberto. Those wishing to take advantage of it will have to submit a request to the municipal administration at least thirty days before the event, with a reimbursement of expenses that will cover the management costs. Different contributions required for the type of event hosted. For business initiatives, the daily fee will be 3.000 euro for 2.000 cultural and artistic activities, while for meetings for social, cultural, political, general interest purposes or in any case considered to be of particular interest by the Civic Administration, a profit, repayment will be of 1500 euro. All figures are meant excluding VAT and increased by 100 euro if you will need to use the heating system.
Finally, for events made in collaboration or with the direct participation of the municipal administration, the Giunta will set the required quota from time to time. The reimbursement includes the opening and closing expenses of the theater, cleaning of the premises before and after the show, technical staff for stage management and equipment therein, heating, room masks, fire fighting team, insurance. A rent separately is provided for the use of the equipment provided at the theater, in particular lights and audio. The theater will be granted to third parties only after payment to the Municipality of the amount owed and a deposit of 2.000 €. (Rg)