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A delegation of representatives of the Red Cross of Bra led by the president of the local committee, Pino Palmieri, was received Tuesday 27 February 2018 by the City Council. On this occasion, President Palmieri handed over the mayor Bruna Sibille a pennant as a symbol of gratitude for the contribution made by the Municipality for the purchase of a vehicle that will be used to transport disabled people. The van, in a few weeks, will become part of the Bradese Red Cross fleet which last year carried out services over 5800 for a total of over 380 thousand kilometers traveled. "It 'sa way - said the mayor Sibille - to thank you for the work that volunteers have done in the service of the community on many occasions and for many years and in particular to enhance the transport service for the disabled who require special precautions.

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"If the wolf was educated and dressed in fashion?": It is one of the starting points for "Attente al lupo", the personal security project and the fight against gender violence that stops at Bra Saturday 10 March 2018. In a metaphorical sense, the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood will guide the workshop participants to explore how incorrect decisional processes, underestimation of environmental risks, failure to read signs of danger can lead girls and women to live situations of risk. The concepts illustrated can be experimented through simple exercises, simulations, games of attention and reaction. "Attente al lupo" offers various professionals for a multidisciplinary approach to the topic, integrating elements of psychology, personal defense, intelligence and security. In addition to theoretical reflections, many practical ideas will also be provided to deal with everyday situations: from returning home at night, to preventing snatching or pick-ups when traveling.

Two sessions scheduled at the Youth Aggregation Center in Via Edoardo Brizio: in the morning, from the 9.30 to the 13,30 there is a meeting open to all interested parties, while in the afternoon the "Attente al lupo teen" version (from 14,30) will be proposed at 18,30) dedicated specifically to young adolescents (recommended age, between 10 and 14 years) also accompanied by family members who want to confront together on how to deal with the first autonomy, emotional relationships or the use of social media with greater self-awareness and security. Participation in "Attente al lupo" is free, but upon reservation due to the limited number of seats.

Participants in the laboratory will learn to consider psychological aspects (identifying signs of danger, recognizing "the wolf", predicting dysfunctional relationships) together with cognitive and decisional aspects (reacting effectively in a short time, analyzing the environment and situations, communicating in effective way), to aspects strictly linked to physical interaction (defense of personal and intimate distance, action, reaction). The workshop (which is part of the project "Amori 4.0") includes moments of play, group discussion, vision of movies and slides and simple physical exercises, suitable for anyone. The initiative is organized by the Bra nursery school within the framework of parenting support projects. For info and registration 0172 412062. (it's at)

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The focus of the next meeting promoted by the "Toni Lucci" School of Peace by Bra is a very topical subject. Thursday 8 March 2018, at 21 at the cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" in via Guala 45, the journalist Sara Fornaro will talk about fake news, to "defend ourselves from the deceptive news of the creation of dis-information".

The sixty-year-old of Santa Vittoria D'Alba, who was invested yesterday afternoon on the Burdina road crossing at the intersection with Viale Nogaris in Pollenzo, is still in the intensive care unit of the Cuneo Hospital. The man, for reasons still under investigation by the agents of the patrol ready to intervene of the Municipal Police Braida immediately on the spot, was invested by the Citroen C3 conducted by a forty Corneliano. The pedestrian was rescued by the medical ambulance of the health aid and then transported to helicopter rescue in Cuneo, where the health workers issued a "confidential prognosis". (Municipal police)

Summer still seems far away but the Marina Colony of Bra in Laigueglia is ready! This year, for the third consecutive year under the management of the social cooperative Alice of Alba, we start with a novelty: opening for the 2018 Easter holidays.