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Two important road works that will affect and interest in the next few months roads bordering the territory of Bra (particularly on the Bergoglio climb and on the 7 provincial road for access to the Verduno hospital) have and will have repercussions on the city's road network. Therefore, the Municipality of Bra has decided to temporarily deactivate the traffic light at the intersection between via Cuneo and via IV Novembre in order to make the circulation more fluid and avoid the stop of cars waiting for the green. It was also temporarily postponed an intervention on the underground services of Via Piave that would have required the closure of the road with further inconvenience in the internal links to the city. At the same time, together with the mayor of Cherasco, the first citizen of Brauna, Bruna Sibille, sent a letter to the president of Asti-Cuneo, Giovanni Quaglia, to request the temporary suspension of the toll payment on the Asti motorway section with particular reference to heavy vehicles in transit. This request is motivated by the need to encourage travelers to use the more flowing alternative routes along the routes penalized by construction sites around the node of Alba and Bra-Cherasco.

The situation of the viability on the territory is constantly monitored by the competent municipal offices in the network with the other bodies involved, with particular attention to the inconveniences that may occur for motorists and citizens of Braida for the reflection of two important and expected interventions in the road, which despite not insisting on the territory of the city of Bra, they are of great importance for the complex of road to and from the city.

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Doors open at the nursery school and in the two municipal microns of Bra: Tuesday appointment 5 June 2018 when from 17 to 19 you can visit the offices of Via Caduti del Lavoro, via Sartori 7 / B and via Vittorio Emanuele 200. During this time, you can see the premises of the structures, discover the proposed activities, the organization of the day and get to know the services offered. During the meetings, information on the afternoon activities of socializing the Noah's Ark and on how to participate can also be obtained. Within 8 June 2018, as already communicated to the families concerned, the deadline for confirming registrations for the next year expires too.

In view of the end of the educational year, it is also time to take stock of parenting support activities promoted by the nursery school in recent months, including the "Attente al Lupo" workshop (with 85 participants in the first edition) and the "Security Circle" which involved 25 parents divided into 2 working groups. During the months there were also meetings in kindergartens and the listening desk for parents. All the initiatives of the "Integrated early childhood services" Project were carried out thanks to the funding of the Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo Foundation and were addressed to all parents with children of the age group 0-6. The meeting with the psychologist Silvia Spinelli on the educational alliance between school and family, entitled "Do not become great on their own", held last May 7 was also very attended. In the meantime, the planning of integrative activities for early childhood for the next educational year has begun, with the aim of identifying issues of particular interest for children, parents and educators.

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Appointment for families at Palazzo Traversa Sunday 3 June 2018: from 15 to 17,30 is planned an educational workshop aimed at children aged between 6 and 12 years for the realization of a "herbarium ... in relief". The artifact will be made by modeling and printing the clay and then using herbs, flowers, leaves and barks. The cost of participation is 5 euro, free for adult chaperone. Booking is required by Friday morning before, by calling the 0172.423880. More info on (it's at)

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We inform you that due to a technical problem it will not be possible to guarantee the live streaming of the 28 May 2018 session.

It meets Monday 28 May 2018 at 17,30, the city council of Bra convened by President Biagio Conterno in the hall "Achille Carando", on the ground floor of the municipal building. On the agenda after the questions and three motions proposals, there will be the approval of the convention scheme for the associated management of social welfare services with neighboring municipalities. Also on the agenda is the discussion of resolutions concerning the definitive adoption of the revision of the acoustic classification of the territory, an urban variation on the territory of the Pollenzo district and the new regulation of the "Giovanni Arpino" civic library. It will be possible to follow the City Council in live streaming on the site and, subsequently, deferred on the You Tube channel of the Municipality of Bra. (it's at)


Here is the agenda of the work:

1. Communications from the president and the mayor.
2. Queries
3. Motion proposal for "Promotion and incentive of experimentation of the returnable vacuum pursuant to the decree n.142 of 3 July 2017, presented by the 5 Movement Stars.
4. Motion proposal "For the change in the form of associated management of social and health care services" presented by the 5 Stars Movement.
5. Motion proposal "For implementation of the 2016 / 679 EU regulation on the protection of personal data to enhance internal human resources and for its transparency and economy" presented by groups "5 Movement Stars" and "Bra City for Living".
6. Approval of the minutes of the previous session: from n. 18 at n. 21 of the 23.4.2018.
7. Review of the acoustic classification of the municipal territory of Bra, pursuant to Regional Law n. 52 of 20 October 2000 and SMI Final adoption.
8. Art. 17 paragraph 12 Lett. D) LR 56 / 77 and SMI- Modification of the type of urban planning instrument for the sub-fund n. 203-206 of the current Prgc in Pollenzo fraction, Burdina Cruise road.
9. Approval of the convention scheme for the associated management of social assistance services between the municipalities of Bra, Ceresole d'Alba, Cherasco, La Morra, Narzole, Pocapaglia, Sanfrè, Santa Vittoria d'Alba, Sommariva del Bosco, Sommariva Perno and Verduno.
10. Regulations of the "Giovanni Arpino" civic library.

Info: City of Bra - General Secretariat
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Three simple lines that, juxtaposed to each other, give back to the dynamic image of pages of a book: from today the "Giovanni Arpino" public library of Bra has a new identifying logo, identified as part of the creative competition promoted in the last few months from the structure of via Guala and aimed at the city high school classes. Davide Sabatini, student of the fourth A class of the "Velso Mucci" institute who, as required by the competition of ideas, was able to devise "an original and representative image, which" recounts "this city reality, to realize the chosen logo. embodying the spirit in an effective and modern way ".