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It ended with a meeting in the City Hall with the mayor of Bra, Camillo Scimone, the visit of the Argentinians Norma Estela Niero and Carlo Bessone arriving from the city of Corral de Bustos, through which through them the Civic Council of Braids would like to deepen the relationship and knowledge in the perspective of a possible twinning agreement.

Bra's City Police Control Continues to Respect the Ordinance for Ban on the City Roads, Different Days and Hours, to allow the mechanical sweeping of the streets by Sea, a garbage collector contractor. After two weeks of stringent controls, there were over two hundred high-level offenses charged by as many motorists who ignored the signage.
The controls will continue in the coming weeks, and there is no exclusion from the intervention of the waggons to remove the vehicles in the park, as since November, some city streets have not yet been swamped due to the continued presence of parked cars preventing 'sweeper's intervention.

Five evenings between August and September, included in the "Bra City of Music" event, will have as a charming setting the park of Zizzola and stage artists engaged in popular music shows and the most appreciated tradition created by songwriters. This is the program that concludes with Bra the "Passage to Bra in summer time 2005" initiative, which has secured rock, theater and operetta music throughout the summer, as well as shows of Folkestate and international groups with a repertoire of popular music and songs.

Bra's town continues to become one of the "Piedmont's Communist Cities". The civic administration of the town of Zizzola decided to meet the challenge, participating in the ban promoted by Asproflor in collaboration with the Atl of the Lake District, a competition to reward local communities that have been more engaged in actions to improve the 'environment. In an attempt to involve citizenship in reaching the goals of the "Flowered Communes", the competition entitled "Bra in Bloom" is in full swing, which will award "flowered" balconies and showcases.
Anyone who wants to set up balconies or terraces flowers, but also the windows of their own home, as well as for the traders the showcase of their exercise, and will send a color photograph to the Tourist Office and Municipal Events by September 3 will be able to win one of the "Bra in bloom" awards.

Citizens of the "Pilot" Bescurone district and also those residing in the "urban area", ie Pollenzo, San Michele, San Giovanni Lontano, Vallechiara Fey, will also operate the separate collection service in the city even on the day of Ferragosto.
The Assumption party, which this Monday will be on Monday, will see employees at the service of SEA, a garbage collecting company, to carry out their work in the Bescurone district for the collection of the damp fraction of waste ( peels, scraps of vegetables, etc.), both in the Pollenzo and San Michele hamlets and in the San Giovanni Lontano and Vallechiara Fey districts, for the collection of plastic packaging and residual waste, that is, the non-differentiated RSU.