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I'm 28.819 the braids at 31 December of 2004. The City of Bra's Bureau of Statistics reported it at the end of the year-end counts, which have recorded the still-growing population of the city quantified in 260 units over the past year.
Overall, more females (14.821, with 149 resident population increase) of males (13.998, + 111 compared to 2004), with a foreign population reaching 1.980. Among these, more men (1.035) than women (945), with a representation of ethnicity that touches all five continents.

The streets and atmospheres of Budapest at the time of the Habsburg Empire, reproduced on the aisles of the stage of the Politeama theater in Bra. Saturday 22 January 2005 at 21, on the billboard at the Beatles theater operetta, with the famous "The Princess of Czarda", the work of Emmerich Kàlmàn, proposed by the New Operetta Massimini - Centro MBE.

Renewed and full of intentions, the Municipal Council for Equal Opportunities that met in weeks saw Bra. During the first session of the advisory body, the top leaders were elected, who saw Professor Bruna Sibille as a new chairman, teacher, municipal councilor and former deputy mayor and equal opportunities advisor in the town of Zizzola.

After having turned on a current account in the past few weeks to collect funds in the city for the populations affected by the tsunami in Southeast Asia on St. Stephen's Day, the Bra municipal administration decided to increase the collection by contributing directly to its own funds. At the session of the 11 January 2005, the Board decided to dispense the sum of 2000 € on the current account number 1507493 of Bra's Savings Bank, headquarters (code QQ Q, Abi, 6095, Cab 46040) - Pro earthquake Asia.

Friday 21 January 2005, at 21, in Bra, at the Conference Room of the Cultural Center "G. Arpino ", via E. Guala 45, will be held the fourth meeting entitled:" Preventive Peace. Hopes and Reasons in a World of Conflict ".
Speaker of the evening will be Daniela Sironi referent for the North-Italy of the Community of S. Egidio of Rome.