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On board his Pegeout 206 a man hit a pedestrian crossing on the strips in Rome, in Bra, and then fleeing. On the spot were the municipal police emergency service patrol and the 118 ambulance, which rescued the pawn, then transported to hospital and judged to be healed in a few days. Officials have started investigations to trace the vehicle driver, including listening to witnesses, recovering vehicle body fragments, and examining video surveillance cameras.

Waste and recycled materials can become original decorations for a slightly more ecological Christmas.

The provincial commander of the Carabinieri Corps, Colonel Rocco Italiano, was received yesterday morning by the municipal council of Bra together with the commander of the Bra company, captain Roberto Di Nunzio.

The video surveillance system of Bra is strengthened, with a new circuit of cameras active inside the Belvedere Gardens, better known as "gardens of the Rocca", in Piazza XX Settembre. Thanks to the collaboration between the civic administration and the Bank of Cherasco, with the cooperative credit institution that has incurred the expenses for the purchase and installation of the system, the system allows the operating units connected with the video system city ​​surveillance, or those of the municipal police and the Carabinieri of Bra, to patrol remotely one of the most picturesque corners of the city of Zizzola.

They served for two weeks in the territories hit by the earthquakes of August and October: the two agents of the municipal police of Bra Sergio Mussetto, deputy commissioner, and Davide Detoma, deputy commander, together with the commander of the Municipal Police Corps of Bra Mauro Taba, they were received this morning by the Administration in the context of the weekly Board meeting. Mayor Bruna Sibille and the city councilors thank you and applaud for the commitment and sense of responsibility with which they have faced the mission in the Marche region of the Apennines, to bring concrete help to the population and citizenship. In particular, the two Braidesi agents have served in the municipalities of San Ginesio, Gualdo and Tolentino, in the province of Macerata, where they have carried out police services of proximity, surveillance, escort and anti-warfare, especially in the historic centers and neighborhoods unusable and , therefore, momentarily uninhabited. (Em)

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