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It comes in Bra volume "From Cuneo to Libya: 1911-1912. The forgotten war" Elena Angeleri, teacher at the high school Giolitti-Gandino city of Zizzola, Emanuele Forzinetti, a teacher at the same school and the headquarters of Savigliano dell ' University of Turin, and Luca Martini, a schoolmaster in Savigliano. Tuesday February 16 2016, 18 pm in the council chamber of the town hall, the book will be presented by the authors at a time at which the Chairman of the council Biagio Conterno and the Councilor for Culture Fabio Bailo, moderated by RAI journalist Gian Mario Ricciardi.

In the state of liberty the Treasury of the Republic was deported to the Court of Asti, a wounded entrepreneur, who was responsible for abandoning construction rubble. He had instructed his workers to deposit a substantial amount of waste from the demolition of a building in order to build a future for the use of a road construction site: this practice is not allowed, because the waste from building demolition, in order to be used in this way, they must first be treated and separated from a special center and then only after special municipal authorization used as filling material. The agents, who came to the site following a report at the operational center, found out what was reported and the lack of permissions, and then prepared the prescribed rite acts.

More than 300 boys from the rabbit schools involved in the DonaCibo project and on the National Day of Nutrition: there is the number of students participating in this year's solidarity initiatives promoted nationwide by the National Federation of Solidarity for food collection and supported locally by volunteer associations in the city. A large delegation of young volunteers high school under the Zizzola, accompanied by teachers, representatives of associations and representatives of the project, was received this morning at City Hall in Bra from the Mayor and City Council.

He was deported to the Prosecutor's Office of Asti forty years old who was involved in a road accident on SS 231 the other afternoon. The inspections and investigations conducted by the patrol emergency braidese the Municipal Police and the Office of Judicial Police have allowed us to ensure that the driver of one of the two cars involved was under the influence of drugs. The agents have been able to establish that the subject, following the State Road to Alba, after crossing the straight line, probably due to its high speed and its psychophysical condition, lost control of the vehicle, striking violently against the Fiat Bravo straight to Bra. The forty-year-old will have to respond to driving offenses under the influence of drugs and the fact that it has caused a road accident while under the influence of drugs. The license was withdrawn and the vehicle seized under seizure for confiscation.

Music, flowers and sweetness: what better way to celebrate a romantic Valentine's Day under the Zizzola? Friday 12 February 2016, at 21 in the auditorium hall of the cultural center "Giovanni Arpino" by Bra, the musical band "Giuseppe Verdi" will offer a concert on the notes of the most famous soundtracks and the unforgettable passages of love taken from the international repertoire. Music, singing and dancing, without forgetting that love is an alchemy that involves all senses, taste and beauty included. Having said that, during the evening dedicated to the lovers, the participants will be able to delight the palate with the sweet buffet by brasserie pastries, also receiving a fragrant floral complimentary gift from florists under the Zizzola.