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A group of German students of the Faust Gymnasium of the German town of Staufen was received Tuesday 23 October 2018 by the municipal council of Bra. The school has participated, for over ten years, in a partnership with the "Guala" High School of Bra.

In autumn the lowering of the temperatures and the end of the vegetative cycles of the cultivations induces some species of insects to seek shelter in the houses. Among these, the bugs: not only the green ones, but also - for some years - the brown ones. This is a new species of Asian origin called Halyomorpha halys, which does not attack humans and is not a carrier of diseases but which is instead seriously harmful to agricultural crops, so much so as to determine, in some cases, the loss of whole harvest for a season.

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In the afternoon of Friday 19 October 2018 arrived in Bra, participants in the first stage of the "Pedaling in the Unesco Heritage" cycle-tour that crossed "on two wheels" villages, hills and cities of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato up to Biellese and the Turin area to touch sites and monuments of worldwide interest.

He was circulating undecidedly on board his Ford Ka in via GB Gandino: a style of driving that did not go unnoticed to the emergency patrol in the evening-night service of the municipal police, which, given the facts, reached and stopped the motorist. The agents of the Municipal Braidese, after identifying the driver (a thirty year old domiciled in the city), they noticed that he was intoxicated. Following the checks with ethanometer in the Command of via Moffa di Lisio, a rate about 4 times higher than that permitted by law, equal to 0.50 grams per liter, emerged. The man was therefore referred in a state of freedom to the Asti prosecutor for the offense of driving while intoxicated and, given the alcohol content exceeding 1.50 grams per liter, the Ford Ka was seized.

The spectral atmospheres of the 31 October 2018 Halloween Festival invade the museums of Bra. Between monstrous masks and sweets, some themed activities are planned for children and adults.