The meetings of the project entitled "The Piedmontese" continue in Bra, at the conference hall of the "Giovanni Arpino" multi-purpose cultural center. The writers, the works, the places, the words ", which sees among the promoters the Piedmontese Study Center, the Piedmont Region and the civic library of the city of Zizzola. Second scheduled appointment is for 20: 30 Tuesday 25 March 2008 when Piergiorgio Gili will present, "The birth of the theater in Piedmontese language: Toselli and its first authors", while it will be Davide Damilano, next Tuesday 1 ° April, to hold the lesson "Our words: reading, speaking, writing". Participation in the course is free and registrations are received at the Biblioteca Civica di Bra or directly at the course venue on the first evening. At the end, a certificate of attendance will be issued. For information, please contact the 0172.413049 telephone number (e-mail: (it goes)